Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. Well, it's happened. As of last night, I am dishwasher-less. And completely cabinet-less too, but the dishwasher absence has more of an impact.

2. The high today is actually supposed to be below 90 degrees! Only by a few degrees but I'll take it.

3. Last week, I took the older boys to a meeting. On our way, one of the stop lights was not working. A four way stop at a 4 lane highway? That was...interesting. Got through with no harm done. Also planned on picking up a pizza and going to the library. Both of those places were also closed due to power outage. There wasn't any storm or anything, just a localized outing.

4. Josh had also gone with a friend to VBS in that same area. It was also closed for the day due to power outage. His friend's mom offered to have Josh go their house and Josh was quite okay with that arrangement.

5. Had the boys clean their rooms last week. Caleb found his wallet which had five dollars in it. Josh found sixty dollars he'd put in his lego box. (Why he put sixty dollars in with legos is really anyone's guess.) I don't know why whenever I clean, all I find are dust bunnies and junk mail. I must be doing it wrong.

6. Austin and I went to a town wide garage sale where a friend lives. At our first stop, I tripped on an uneven sidewalk and before I knew it, I was face to face with the ground. No permanent damage done, just a bit of a scraped knee. When I turned around and realized no one else but Austin had seen me, I felt even better.

7. Recovered enough to find an end table for a $1. Couldn't believe it was only a dollar.
8. This week's card:
9. Layout #1:
10. Layout #2:

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Lisa Dorsey said...

I keep all my money in the Lego box! Ha! Great layouts as usual!