Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. I have skipped a few Tuesdays. At least I didn't forget today.

2. Since I posted last, my kids are out of school. Hooray!

3. I know some moms rather like the structure of school. I rather like the unstructure of summer. (Not to say that I might change my tune by mid-August, but right now it's definitely a Hooray! kind of thing.)

4. Actually though, all four of my kids have summer work this year. (An arrangement that makes one child in particular none too happy.)

5. We made a super quick trip to DC. (Drove down in one day. Spent three days in DC and drove back in one day.)
6. This shot reminds of the school house rock song. "I'm Just a Bill".

7. It's no wonder I forget so much stuff. My brain's filled with things like the lyrics of school house rock songs.

8. When I got back, I got about 8 inches of my hair cut off. I'm not fully up on hairstyling vernacular. Basically, I told the lady I wanted it a certain length and that I didn't want it to look like a mushroom. (My thick super straight hair has a tendency to do that.) Didn't look like a mushroom when I left but it had a definite fungi-ish look the next day. Are mushrooms still trendy? If so, then my hair is cutting edge.

9. Had a certain milestone birthday. Had a few ideas how to celebrate. In the end though, I was still tuckered out by our DC trip. So I took a nap. Dh and the grill handled dinner.

 10. Finished some DC layouts:

Credits: Lincoln Memorial, Squirrel, Capital Building


Mary said...

Even though you are now of an advanced age, you're still funny. Did everyone enjoy DC? Get to see everything? Probably not would be my experience. Hope you had fun!

Theresa said...

I'm thinking a nap is a great way to celebrate just about anything. Glad you had fun in DC...wondering about the work for the boys this summer.