Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. I'm ready for spring.

2. I realize it's only January, but I'd be completely okay if it decided to make an early arrival.

3. My oldest survived his first high school exams.

4. So did I.

5. Actually, he didn't ask for much assistance in studying, except for social studies.

6. That was enough.

7. Not really much going on.

8. Finding it hard to come up with ten things

9. so I'll just conclude with a few layouts


Credits here and here.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. My first Owens digital scrapbooking clas of 2011 is next Tuesday (25th).

2. I'm in the midst of converting the den/craft room into another bedroom.

3. First step is clearing out and reducing what's in there. Not such an easy task. I think it's like trying to put an elephant on an elevator. No matter how thin the elephant is, it's still an elephant.

4. I shared my analogy with my two oldest. Austin informed me that putting an elephant on an elevator wouldn't be a good idea because it would exceed the weight limit. Caleb told me he watched a NOVA special on elevators. (Then I proceeded to learn more about elevators than I ever wanted to know.)

5. I don't think they fully appreciated my analogy.

6. This week, I learned that you can play Scrabble on Facebook.

7. I also learned my sister isn't nearly as speedy as I am. (PS. T, if you're reading this; it's probably your turn.)

8. Just because Josh's alarm was advertised as "extra-loud" doesn't mean that he still won't sleep through it.

9. Watched Inception this weekend. I would definitely recommend it.

10. Still following along with the Document a Decade Layered templates at Designer Digitals. This week was 2002.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Eleven on the eleventh

11 items today instead of the normal ten on Tuesday. (Do I know how to walk on the wild side, or what?)

1. Started the day off with a trip to the orthodontist. (Yes, I get to spend both my money and my time there. It's the gift that keeps on giving.)

2. Double appt. Nathan had an expander put in. (Because despite what people may say to the contrary, his mouth isn't big enough for all of his teeth.) Caleb had his braces put in.

3. It's going to sound strange, but we didn't really know that the braces were going in today until we got there. It was his first appt. of the "stage two" process. All the other first appts. we've had were about getting molds, photos, records. Not this time. (Poor kid requested soup for dinner.)

4. After the orthodontist, I headed out to the grocery store because a) it had been a few days; I'm sure the grocery store was missing me and b) snow was in the forecast.

5. Sure enough there was about an inch or so when I finished shopping and it's been falling steadily ever since. I'd say that conservatively we're at about 4 inches so far.

6. After school activities were canceled and of course, the kids are hoping for a snow day tomorrow.

7. Austin and I shoveled the driveway. One of us was neat and precise. One was not.

8. In other weekly news, I completed my fake New Year's resolution and made eclairs. My youngest two didn't like them at all. Mark and Caleb loved them. Austin and I were somewhere in the middle. For the amount of effort that went into them though, I think I'm going to stick with the bakery if I'm ever in an eclair mood.

9. Here's the recipe I used for those. Eclairs. I also made these bars for a potluck and they were given thumbs up all around.

10. And here's some zero calorie projects from this week.

Credits here and here.
11. I finished grouping and templating my 2010 layouts through November. Only two or three December layouts to finish. (Blogger says templating isn't a word, but I think it should be.)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

First one of the New Year. (:

1. Spent New Year's Eve dealing with a cold.

2. We had plans for a get-together before the germs took hold. Mark didn't really want to go, but the boys did. Solution? Mark dropped the boys off to the party and we stayed in, watched a movie and ate eclairs. Eclairs aren't exactly typical NYE fare but they seemed like a good idea.

3. So good that my NY resolution was to learn to make eclairs.

4. Mark picked the boys up well before midnight so we could usher in 2011 together

5. in pyrotechnic fashion

6. As for resolutions, I go back and forth about them. On one hand, I like that this time of the year is a good way to reflect back and change things that need improving. On the other hand, it's a bit like hitting your head in the wall to keep resolving to do the same things. (It doesn't do any good and it gives you a headache.)

7. My solution is to refocus and make attainable short term goals(like make eclairs.) Nothing on the list is longer than a few months' duration.

8. For instance, I'm starting 365 again. For January. (Which I realize isn't 365, so I guess I'm technically doing project 31.)

9. Today's photo is what is left of the snow in our front yard.

10. What I made this week (aka as my last three layouts of 2010):