Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. I think I need to stop looking out for the bus. My seventh grader was running late this morning and I waited on our porch to warn him if the bus was coming. I was fully convinced that I heard it. He scampered out, wearing a sweatshirt but leaving his coat behind. After a few minutes, it was evident that I was wrong. So I decided to bring his coat down to the bus stop. This is (of course) when the bus arrived, catching me in my pink striped pjs and fully cementing my title as coolest. mom. ever.

2. Halloween weekend and end of the school quarter fell together this year. Made things interesting.

3. For example, Josh and I were painting his costume at the same time that Caleb was making flan for Spanish class. A dish that he was planning on making all on his own. (When he asked "what's a sieve?"; I realized that it wasn't going to be a completely solo project.) Like I said, it was interesting.

4. Josh's minecraft costume:

5. Not everyone was sure what it was. (Guesses ranged from robot to legoman.) One of the high school kids who was passing out candy though said it was epic. So I guess that's good.

6. Josh also made some pumpkins.
This one was just for fun. It's supposed to be a creeper. (Also, from minecraft. Yeah, he's a bit obsessed.)

7. This one was for school.
He needed to read a biography and then the family was to decorate a pumpkin based on the chosen person. Josh picked Neil Armstrong. So we took the easy route. Painted the pumpkin white to create a moon and then planted the American flag on top. Easy peasy.

8. Made this:
Credits here.

9. And this:
Credits here.

10. Since it was Halloween, it seemed entirely appropriate to receive some scary news. Scarier even then pink striped pajamas. DS1 received his driver's permit this week. Eek!

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Lisa Dorsey said...

Lol loved the costume although I thought he was a Lego man too! I loved the white moon pumpkin. May not have taken a ton of time but I think it is quite clever!