Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. I'm really glad it's Tuesday. Yesterday made me feel like this:

2. Started off with one disorganized child who almost missed his bus. (Almost missed as in scooped up his unzipped backpack and made a run for it.) Then his brother, Grumpy, woke up and did his best to spread his mood around.

3. Then I went to the grocery store. Not my favorite place in general. Went to the self check out line. Checked out a week's worth of groceries, put some coupons in and the computer froze. Froze as in the complete order was gone and everything had to be rescanned. Now fortunately, the ladies at the checkout lane re-rang everything for me. Unfortunately, they rang up an extra item. So I had to scoot over to customer service to get it fixed. Then I came home and went into hiding.

4. So let's talk about a better day. Sunday. Sunday I was on trash detail. Yes, dealing with trash was better than yesterday. I was with DS2 and other high school students at the Greek American festival. It was a wonderful event. There were dancing demonstrations. The dancers ranged in age from three to adult. (The little ones were so cute!) There was also live music and of course, lots of food. We also toured the beautiful Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral after our shift was over. My biggest regret, of course, was not having my camera with me. Next year, I think I'll just be a festival attendee.

5. Posted this project at the TaDa Creative Studios blog yesterday.

6. Also had a few nice surprises this week. Saw one of my layouts(Maverick) featured at the ClubCK blog.

7. I also had this layout featured at GSO.

Credits here.

8. Both of which counteracts the effects of Monday and trash detail rather nicely.

9. Also made this week was this layout:

Credits here.
10. And this aka card:

Designer Digitals has a spot in the gallery to create a card with both the username and real name. That way if the real name is unfamiliar, it can always be looked up. My username is pretty basic, but I made one so that my first name was included. (The template to make one, btw, is a free upload.)
Credits here.

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