Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. When it's been a slow week, I sometimes fall back and add a line about the weather. This week wasn't a slow one but I'm still talking about the weather because it's kind of hard to ignore it.

2. Tuesday into Wednesday was predicted to be a huge snowfall. The official total at the airport was 6.5 (it was accompanied with lovely freezing rain). An inch of snow was predicted to fall on Saturday and 6.6 inches came down.

3. The two youngest here rather like the white stuff.(Snowball fights; fort making etc.) I prefer to hibernate.

4. Caleb had his math regional finals on Saturday. There is an open round at the end of the competition where the contestants answer math questions. I yet again realized how much my math skills have atrophied since high school.

5. Nate's basketball team finished their season. This is Nate's first time ever playing basketball and he made his first basket in their last game. (I've only missed one quarter of play time this entire season. If you've guessed that it happened to be the quarter where he made his basket, sadly you would be right. Mark was there though; so at least he had one parent to witness it.)

6. The boys and I have been working our way through the first season of Chuck. (Fits right into my hibernation plan.)

7. Also fitting into the hibernation plan: Picross 3D. It's a ds game that Caleb received for Christmas. He and Austin insisted that I should try it. I think they're regretting this decision. Should have known that hanging around these video game guys would have got me hooked on something eventually.

8. Another chauffeur trip down to the orthodontist today. Nate had brackets put on his top set of teeth. (The bottom half will come later.)

9. He knew from Caleb that Doritos were on the "do not eat" list for braces. He made sure and ask if Cheetos were alright. (12 year olds have their own unique priorities.)

10. Made this. Based on a dinner conversation that we had this week.

Credits here at DD.

PS: Speaking of Designer Digitals, their quarterly sale is starting this coming weekend.


Lisa Dorsey said...

Love that layout. Such a great topic! Need to make an ortho trip soon too. I have realized my math skills have gone way down too. LOL Have a great week.

Theresa said...

Lots of fun! You can pass on to Austin that I like to identify fonts too. My favs are papyrus and tempus sans. : )