Tuesday, October 20, 2009

weekend update

When I bought the tickets, we were wearing things like this:

When we went though, we looked like this:

We all survived, (the hot chocolate helped) and the Rockets won.
That was Saturday. Sunday I missed out on my usual snuggle. At church, Josh usually sits between Mark and me. (It's a throwback to when he was a much squirmier size and it's just how it's played out ever since.) Usually halfway through the service, Josh scooches in a bit and lays his head on my shoulder.
Not this Sunday.
Mark went up to read Scripture and when he came back, Josh scooted over. Partway through the service, Mark nudged me and I looked over to see J with his head on Mark's shoulder. Hmmph. Guess either parent will do.
That afternoon, Nate tried out his bow and arrow.

with success. :)
Monday, all the boys were off school for records day or some such thing. We organized a bit and did some rewiring on the house. Ah, the home improvement fun never stops.

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Lisa Dorsey said...

hmmm...love that about the kids coming with us to the service. Great snuggle time. :)