Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend recap

Mark had the day off and the two of us hit some garage sales in a nearby subdivision. I estimate we went to about 35-50 that day. (No wonder my feet were tired.)Among our finds were a jumbo size dry erase board, an office chair for Caleb, an alarm clock for Nate/Josh, electric pencil sharpener, brand new collapsible coolers for $1 each (we bought two), a video game rocker, various computer stuff that Mark picked up and books. I was keeping my eyes open for Magic Tree house ones because Josh had confided in me last week that he really likes them. We had a few at home from when his older brothers liked them and I took my best guess about which ones we did and didn't have. And I did okay. Except apparently Josh likes to read them in order and I went ahead of the game in some of my picks. He told me next time, I should look for #5, #9-#11. (I'm thinking he doesn't quite get the randomness of garage sales.)

Boy Scout end of the year picnic. Held at local park. It was chilly. It rained right after we ate. The boys didn't care. They played in the rain. They played in the mud.

This was a goose sitting on a nest near our picnic. I don't think she enjoyed having the troop so close by.

Church. Potluck afterwards. (That made two back-to-back times when I had to bring a covered dish. My solution? A bag of spinach. Sargento salad finishers. Salad spritzer. I'm such a chef.)
Rousing game of scrabble with the three youngest. Somehow a gingerbread Candyland guy made his appearance. And there was giggling. Lots of it.

And as for today. Hit the grocery store.
7 jars of Ragu
6 packs of Knorr noodles
3 salad dressings
3 boxes Reynolds aluminum foil
4 boxes of Keebler cookies
1 individual California kitchen frozen pizza
1 box of cereal

Total $16.05
Rec'd $13 in checkout coupons back.

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Theresa said...

AWESOME shopping!!!