Monday, July 28, 2008

It's Up!

Okay, I freely admit that I'm a big ole dork. I am so excited though to see this online. I had it accepted for the SS Mini albums book and then later learned that it was going to be online instead of the book. So inside the book there's a teeny little picture and then (because of the beta site, I'm guessing) it took awhile to be posted online, but it's up there now.

and since I have you reading so far, let me tell you a little bit more about it. The reason why I recolored all the people in my family was because it then relates to the journaling. For example, Josh is red, so any line that contains red pertains to him. So in the first page, the phrases "is left handed" and "has all his baby teeth" are both about him. (Although the latter isn't true anymore).

I don't really do many mini-albums but this one was fun to create (and challenging too to think of things that four of us or two of us have in common.)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy Birthday to.....


And speaking of him, have to share that a card featuring a very much smaller version of him is up on the PaperCrafts website now. The card is in the August/September issue.

In other news:
VBS was last week. Our teeny church had quite a bit of kids coming in and some of them and their families returned to visit this past Sunday so that was cool. (One family that came consisted of eight girls. I've had more than my share of comments on my single gender offspring. I can only imagine some of the things they hear.)

Go-karting last night. Nate was tall enough that he was able to handle the car solo for the first time. He was super excited!

Another wiggly tooth for Josh. (This time on the top) Nothing for seven years and then everything's coming out at once. :)

Didn't make it to CHA this year but am loving the previews. Just cleared out a bunch of that means I have more room for the new releases, right?

Today is also National Junk Food day, in case you wanted to know.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

New Ta Da

I finished a few layouts using the new Ta Da lines that'll be released at summer CHA this year. First is Daddy O' line. The name of the line inspired me to use photos of Mark and the boys. (Journaling reads: Mark and two of this biggest fans.)

Second up is the Whirly gig line. Paper and label is from the line. The swirls are also from Ta Da.

More info about the new lines can be found here.

On non-scrapbooking notes, we've been crossing some more summer activities off of our list. (Note: this isn't a theoretical list, but an actual written one by Austin, which if you know Austin, it is so not shocking that he is making lists and revising them as he deems necessary. I also find it very funny that our summer activities list is about 75% filled with restaurants he wants to visit.)

Wednesday was a visit to the Dum Dum pop factory. Got to don hair nets and everything. Lucky us. Also we were able to tast teste a dum dum pop straight off the line. Quite yummy. Oh, and they were planning out new flavors, so we were able to test taste some of those too. Strawberry Shortcake was the family favorite.

Friday, we went to the zoo. Brought my camera. Didn't bring the extra battery. Battery in the camera was dead from the start, so I "enjoyed" carrying the camera just for the fun of it. Caleb become the resident photographer with the point and shoot we had brought. He did good.

Oh, speaking of photos, Jessica Sprague has a fun tutorial for photos here. Love the effect.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Sparklers, LRD, PT and Elmer's Glue

Originally uploaded by terridavenport
Lots of everything in this post. First off is the result of our lowkey fourth. Ended up just playing around with sparklers and photo settings. It was cool, because everyone got into trying to create shapes, names and such. (This one was the first of the batch--so just random squiggles.)

Also I'm a guest CT designer for Lauren Reid Designs for July! I've never applied or been a guest CT designer before. Since I theoretically have more time in the summer, I decided to give it a shot and was thrilled to have been picked! (Of course, I started off out of town on July, so I haven't created anything yet--but I'm looking forward to starting.)

Paper Trunk also had their one year anniversary on July 1! Hooray to Carrie and PT! Love their papers and their green focus since the beginning. Here's a few cards I made using the GIgi and Batik lines.

And last but not least is Elmer's Glue. Why Elmer's Glue? Well, actually this comes from last month's Scrap Supply challenge but I forgot to post it. Sue Thomas had an inking challenge of applying ink to a project without using stamps. So I decided to add some ink to Elmer's and create a sort of epoxy. It worked too. Worked in a messy--you need 30 hours for it to dry kind of way, but it worked. And now, I have a bottle of bright pink glue in the boys' art supply bin. I'm sure they're overjoyed.

Friday, July 4, 2008

We're back!

Took a four day family vacation. Where can you go in four days? Well, for us, it meant seeing a national landmark, going to a different country and climbing a mountain. Fun stuff.

The only bad thing about traveling is the actual traveling part. Being next to Mark, while he's on the freeway, driving with his knees because he's trying to sneak in bites of a Big Mac while we go over a bridge. Seriously, he started to do this once until I pointed out in my oh-so-subtle way that he was severely damaging my mental health.

And on road trips of almost any kind, we do resort to the sterotypical male driver/female passenger mostly because I don't enjoy driving so much and I also happen to possess exellent map skills (okay except for the Allegheny river detour but we'll just forget that happened.)

Sunday June 29 (Day 1) Leave early, head out to Niagara. Go to the American side first. It's raining. Wait a while, go inside to the food court. Guy tries to rip us off on a "package deal". I have internet skills too, used them before we left... so goodbye pushy piranha salesman. Went on the maid of the mist and the observation tower. Crossed over to Canada. More exploring. The Canada side was crazy busy. Might just be a normal thing for them, might have something to do with the approaching holiday. Ate dinner (major sticker shock...$95 total...$72 before taxes). Wasn't expecting that at TGIF'S. Oh and the boys are convinced that the Heinz ketchup in Canada tastes different than in the US. They liked Canada's version better.

Monday June 30 (Day 2)Go to Skylon tower. Nate was not thrilled with this idea, but he was okay once we were up. Do some more exploring of the falls. Hershey store. Were planning on going to Toronto, but we hadn't taken Canada day into account in our plans and wasn't sure if we wanted to deal with the extra crowds. Did go up to Lake Ontario and found a spot on the beach to just relax awhile.Went back to US through Buffalo (rained some more). Hotel in PA. Swimming in the hotel pool is probably the kids' favorite part of the trip.

Tuesday July 1 (Day 3): Decide to head toward the mountains. (rained some more) Go to Penn's Cave and explore a cavern by boat. Stayed at State College.

Wednesday July 2 (Day 4): Climb Mt. Nittany in the morning. (Elevation 2,077 feet). Which was just about the perfect height for us. Any higher and they may have to bring in the helicopter rescue. Kidding...well, yeah mostly.

(Oh and it didn't rain at all on this day, until we got home. Then the tornado signs went off. Then we headed down to the basement for awhile. Nothing says welcome back like the sound of a tornado siren.)

Like I said, all in all..good stuff. We learned:
1) Don't wear tennis shoes on the maid of the mist. If you do, then you're left with sandals for exploring and some fairly rank shoes/socks for the rest of the trip.
2)Pennsylvania has a thing for high briges. Sure it might be because of the change in elevation. It may also be just to freak out unsuspecting travelers who don't have a thing for high bridges.
3) PA is also on top of things when it comes to accidents/travel alert systems on Highway 80. Kudos to them.
4)There's at least one Buffalo US customs guy who was having a bad day on Monday or maybe he's always like that...hard to say.
5)Nittany is derived from the Algonquin language meaning "single mountain". I thought it was funny that Mark didn't know that Penn State's mascot was the Nittany Lion. He thought it was funny that I did know that.
6)Canada doesn't mess around when it comes to speeding fines. Luckily we didn't learn that from personal experience. Just from reading the signs.

It's good to be back home. We've mostly been just relaxing and catching up on sleep (and laundry). Josh pulled out his first tooth last night. He also woke up with a stomach bug this morning. We hadn't really had any concrete fourth of July plans anyway, so we're just playing it lowkey at home today.

Happy fourth!