Tuesday, October 9, 2007


....and they're off and running. Forget about caffeine in the morning. Getting the boys on the way to meet the bus in the morning is all I need to get the adrenaline going. Today, they made it by the skin of their teeth; the bus got to the corner at about the same time they did.

This weekend was Birthday Weekend part 2. Activities for this one were easy since the cub scout family campout was on the same day as Nate's birthday PLUS his birthday gave me the greatest excuse for us not to stay overnight at the camp. (I really like camping but letting everyone at the school know my sleeping habits...and my occasional snoring...doesn't rank up there on my top ten list of things to do.)

And things were good...until they weren't. We arrived at around 1:30. Our plan was to go for the activities, stay to have dinner with the pack and then go home for cake, presents etc. (We also popped over to IHOP for lunch before going to the camp.)When we arrived, we learned dinner wasn't until 6:30...five hours was a bit longer than we had planned, especially in the 90 degree day. They jumped in to the activities, flag football, archery, water rockets, marbles etc. Then a behavior shift developed...long story short...we didn't make that five hour gap.

After we got home and the birthday boy had a chance to cool off (in more ways then one.), he wanted to go back for dinner. I felt a little silly going back just for dinner but a)Nate wanted to see what the dinner would be like b)it gave a more pleasant ending to the time at the camp and c) someone else was cooking and that's always a good thing. So we went back and then finished the day as planned.

On to other stuff:
1. Mark was home yesterday for Columbus day. It was very cool to be able to spend the time alone together. I also put mail in the mailbox to go out yesterday. It wasn't until late afternoon when I realized that it wasn't coming. Oh yeah..Mark's home...Columbus day...I'm a quick one.
2. I gave blood yesterday. I don't do it often, mostly because my veins like to hide from the technician and I really don't like the feeling of being a human pincushion. The kids had a blood drive at their school. (The Red Cross knows what they're doing...that's all I'm saying.)A little nervous about the whole process. And as I'm sitting in the chair, waiting to get hooked up, one of the dads passes out. Not...a....good...thing.. But the tech got me hooked up quickly, no passing out for me and the dad eneded up being just fine after awhile.
3. We bought another mouse. The guys (Mark included) felt Minnie needed a companion, so they got a white one to bring home. Only when they brought it home, there was a suspicious bulge to the mouse. Mark had asked for a female, but it didn't look like he got what he wanted. They returned him and exchanged him for a female mouse. Nate told the salesperson, we need one without "tentacles".

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