Friday, October 5, 2007

Being a Mom

Can you pinpoint the day where you actually felt like a mom? You know the day when you hear yourself saying or doing something and realized that you have officially morphed into mom-dom.
For me, it was when the kids were toddler sized. Shoot, it may have even been "kid" in the singular, which was way back in ancient times. I remember driving behind my house where a new subdivision was going up. There were some young, cute, buff shirtless construction guys working on the roof of a house on a hot summer day. My first instinct was not to appreciate the eye candy. Nope...first thought in my head was "I hope they remembered to put some sunscreen on". mom moment.

And you can't mention motherhood without the guilt. Received a big dose of that yesterday. It seems that my nine year old is having flash backs to 1995. (Is it still a flashback when they weren't born then?) Anyway, Nate and Josh dug up some old Toy Story videos and have been into them lately. Nate's birthday list included a Zurg toy/action figures. I didn't really find anything in my birthday shopping rounds. Well, turns out that this was THE present he wanted. (Who knew?) I don't have it...and his birthday's tomorrow.......Guess I'm out of the running for Mom of the Year.

Update: found one. Let's hope he's still in to this toy by tomorrow. :)


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Deena Wuest said...

Ha! Your sunscreen comment cracked me up! Sadly, I can totally relate. :)