Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1. Two Tuesday posts in a row. Go me!

2. Guess what happened overnight?
Yep. It snowed. Obviously not a lot. Just enough to be annoying. Also had to scrape the windows on the van. Hadn't had to wear gloves for a little while. Must have already forgotten that they come in quite handy when you're scraping off ice. (My poor frozen fingers.)

3. Smack dab in the middle of senior stuff. They have a senior activities committee at the school. Why? Because there is a lot of senior stuff. Senior supper. Senior breakfast. senior video. senior assembly....seriously this list seems never ending. It's just stressful keeping up with where he needs to be and when he needs to be there.

4. I thought the elementary activities were a lot. Almost makes me want to swap it out and have to deal with fourth grade science fair again. (okay, no actually it really doesn't....you can't make me go back there.)

5. Speaking of seniors, there is a senior activity committee meeting tomorrow. Only this one is for the class of 2015. Yep. They're starting in on next year.

6. Finally went to the library this week. Broke down and paid for a book that DS4 lost before Christmas. We've searched the house. We checked at school. Nothing. DS4 paid me back for the book (because that's the way it works around here). Davenport law states that the book should turn up within the next seven days.

7. DS4 lost a tooth on the bus ride home yesterday. I'm thinking that might be his last one.

8. Dh drove his parents to Cleveland yesterday since his Dad had a doctor's appt. Before they left, I requested in my not-so-subtle way that a) he not bring anything back from his parents' house and b) if he does bring anything back, he should not just leave it in the living room. (In case it's not clear from the context, dh tends to bring things home and then leave them in the living room while he decides to wear to put them.) Came home to this:
Yes. He left it in the living room just to bug me. (Joke's on him though because I rather like the sign. It does need to find another location though.)

9. DS1 registered to vote. At the BMV. (I had no idea you could do that there.)

10. Last week's layouts: Down on the Farm and Pizza Favorites.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1. My poor blog. I'm not the most reliable Tuesday poster in the world, but it feels like I'm even more scattered than usual.

2. Kids and I were on spring break last week. Nice that the school system I do sub work for had the same break as the kids' school system. Mark was itching to go south and seek some sun, but the rest of us pretty much wanted to just stay at home and do a lot of nothing.

3. So that's what we did.

4. Well, actually DS1 did go out of town to another robotics competition. This one was in Windsor and he had a great time.

5. He also liked the whole no penny thing Canada has.

6. My dh  played an April Fools joke on himself accidentally. He had a small fire extinguisher in the back seat of his car. He moved the seat back (because after his short wife drives the car, that's what he needs to do). You see where this is going right? Yep. Set off the fire extinguisher. Crazy that it happened on April 1. My kids almost thought he made it up until they saw the powder inside his car.

7. I really need to hit the library. I've been out of reading material for weeks. It's rather tragic.

8. Most of this month, my kids have an extra hour of school to make up for the snow days. Most of them are adapting to it rather well. (Notice, I said most.)

9. Hmm...well I can't really thing of much else to post.

10. So I'll just conclude with DS2's birthday layout:

Friday, March 28, 2014

Five on Friday

1. Weather stuff. It's actually starting to feel like spring. Sure there's been some below freezing temperatures this week but the sun is starting to make its appearance. Much of the snow has melted and we uncovered a snow shovel in our front yard. It's been lost since January, buried in the snow. The weather channel ranked Toledo #1 as the worst winter weather city. Did a layout incorporating the article.
2. DS4 had a band concert. Did a layout of that as well. (Mostly journaling the fact that the pants he wore in December were two inches too short.)
3. DS1 went to a robotics competition in Cleveland. This meant that I had the distinct privilege of getting him there by 5:15am. (No layout of that yet. If I'm able to track down some photos, they'll be one in the works later. Of the competition. The early wake up isn't really on my must-do scrapbook list.)

4. Took another facebook quiz. This one stated that Mindy Kaling should be the celebrity to portray me in a movie. This was due in part to my "vibrant social life". You heard it hear first, folks. Finding snow shovels in your front yard, attending junior high band concerts and dropping your son off for early robotics competition are what's now considered a vibrant social life.

5. Oh. Oh. Actually I did go out this weekend. To a wedding. It was beautiful and fun. (Most likely a layout in the works there too.)
6. What you say my post was labeled Five on Friday? 'Tis true but I couldn't leave without pointing out that a certain someone turned 17 this week.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Five on Friday

1. I was scheduled to work 4 days this week. However, this winter hasn't ended yet; so area schools tacked on two more snow days. This also reduced my 4 day week to two. DS4 seems to have a knack for combining sick days and snow days. It's Friday and he's going to school for the first time this week.

2. Saw this in stores this week.
Was really temped to let the clerk at Jo-Ann's know that the ampersand card on the cover was mine. But I restrained myself...barely.

3. The three older kids participated in a 12 hour fundraiser at their school last weekend.  I asked them to take a photo together. Did they remember? Hint: I would have posted it if they had.

4. Getting ready to participate in a scrapbook garage sale tomorrow. (St. James Lutheran Church 4727 W. Sylvania Avenue from 10am-1pm for anyone local who may want to stop by.)

5. Some of my layouts since I last posted: Bumper Crop, Faithful Companion and Lucky Me.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1. Yesterday I was pretty much out of commission due to back issues. Back issues aren't really a day to day problem with me but once or year or so, my back muscles stage a small revolution.

2. Today, it's much better. However, there is still a small knot in my back. It's pretty much taunting me, reminding me that it can take me down at a moment's notice.

3. Do you take those quizzes on Facebook? I'll admit it. They draw me in. Sometimes I like the results. (Dumbledore, for the Harry Potter character quiz.) Sometimes, they are ok. (Indiana, for the "what state do you actually belong in?". I'm happy to live in Ohio, but Indiana is close. Literally.) Then, sometimes they are annoying. (Daisy. How in the world did I get Daisy on the Downton Abby character quiz?)

4. The last one I took was just downright laughable. College Major quiz and I got chemical engineering. It's even funnier since I just took a tour at UT's engineering laboratory. Now granted, we were looking at the Electrical/Computer Engineering labs but it was close enough to know engineering never has been and never will be the major for me.

5. DS3 auditioned and was cast in the upcoming spring musical.

6. Spring. Ah. What a lovely word.

7. Rumor is though that we have more snow coming in by the end of the week.

8. Hmm. I guess it's been a slow week. Not much too add.

9. This week's layouts. Chillin' and Compliment.

10. Yep. That's about all.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ten on Wednesday

1. Guess what my kids had yesterday? A snow day.  Shocking, I know.

2. We had another 3-5 inches fall Monday night. I've heard that brings us within a 1/2 inch of the record for the most snowfall in a season. Joy. Joy.

3. Rumor has it that both DS3 and DS4 shoveled the driveway yesterday. When I looked out though, DS4 had buried himself in the snow pile. 
4. DS2 took the above photo (and moved the van so DS3 could shovel around it.) I happily stayed inside and read a book. Don't let the detractors fool you. There are advantages to having teenagers.

5. Worked in another kindergarten class this past week. The thing about kindergartners is that you know one of them is going to give you a hug. They're not all huggers but at least one of them will be. Sure enough, one of the little boys gave me a hug early on. Then he delightfully exclaimed, "Oh, your belly is so squishy!" Um...thanks.

6. DS3 (the boy who avoids wearing hats/gloves) came down with a cold and then generously shared his germs with me. I think (hope) I'm almost over it.

7.  I have three cards in the latest issue of Take Ten. With their submission process, I mail in the actual cards. I don't know if anything is picked up unless a copy arrives in the mail. It's a fun surprise since I tend to forget all about it once I mail the cards in. 

8. We have a new doorknob/deadbolt. (Oh, such a glamorous life I lead.) Mark and I bought a new set for the front and back. The front one is in. The back one? Who knows? DS4 helped my dh put them in. Turns out he actually had some experience because they installed door knobs as part of his 7th grade technology class.

9. On Saturday, I'll be touring the University of Toledo computer science labs and classes with DS1 and DS2. Do you think it'd be rude to play Candy Crush throughout the tour? I think that would be more in line with my technical skills and comprehension.

10. Hmm. No layout to share this week. Must get on that.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1. Tired of the snow related posts? Probably not as tired as I am of the snow.

2. Boys were off school three days last week which brings the grand total of snow days to 11.

3. However, it looks like they might actually have school all five days this week. Gasp!

4. Despite the weather, the adage "the show must go on" rang true. They were off Thursday because of road conditions but things were cleared off by Thursday night for the opening night of the play. They were off Friday because of temps (and bus issues...they had trouble getting them started due to the cold.) However, Friday night's performance was a go, as well as the two shows on Saturday.

 5. Sadly, this was the best photo I took of the play. I went Friday night along with most everyone else I think. By the time I found a parking spot, the only seats left were in the far back. (DS2 is on the right and that's DS3's ear and partial eyebrow on the left.)

6. I was driving dh's car on Saturday. Made a stop. Tried to restart the car and....nothing. However, my dh had installed this battery back up system in the car about six months earlier. It was supposed to give it enough juice for one start. It worked! Hooray! I took it home and dh recharged the battery. (It had been affected by all the cold temps.)

7. I must admit too that when DH installed this system in the car, I thought he was going overboard. He tends to be a "cover all contingencies" kind of guy. (Seriously, you ought to see our first aid kit. We're ready for any zombie apocalypse that comes our way.) This time though, I was quite thankful for his overplanning ways.

8. Did our federal taxes this weekend. In February! We're usually April people but we needed to do them early so that we could fill out the FAFSA (which we also did! Hooray for productivity!). I had heard that the FAFSA was difficult but I didn't think it was that bad.

9. Yesterday, DS3 was driving me crazy because (as always) he didn't want to wear a hat or gloves despite the fact that it was -10 with the wind chill. Vented my frustration into a layout.
The layout was then featured at GSO, which was a nice suprise!

10. I also made one other layout this week. Shockingly, this one was also winter related.