Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1. Been spending lots of time on the road lately. Not a road trip to a fun place. Nope. Pretty much white knuckling it beside the teen drivers while they get their driving time in.

2. I used to think potty training was my least favorite aspect of parenting. I've now changed my mind. Can't wait until they're done and then I never have to drive with them again. (That makes them sound like they're bad drivers. They're not. I just prefer to be the one behind the wheel.)

3. BTW, the cemetery is a great place to take beginning drivers. What did you do this summer? Hung out in the cemetery. (I'm guessing that would be a conversation killer.)

4.DS2's phone died. Bricked is the word he used. He knows the phone he wants to replace it, and he's trying to raise the money he needs to buy it.

5. Dh and he are putting some things on Ebay. Dh has quite a few items that he's been meaning to list but hadn't got around to it. They're working together and splitting the profits. So far, DS2 is up $3.25. (Hopefully, things get more profitable as they go along.)

6. He also offered to let his brothers pay him to do their chores. They took him up on it.

7. Went for a bike ride and realized how long it had been since I'd been on a bike. So I put in a few more excursions. I've gone from extremely ridiculously out of shape to just really extremely out of shape.

8. DS3 has to read "Like Water for Chocolate" for school over the summer. I was out of library reading, so I borrowed it. (It's only July...so it's not like he's actually started it yet.) Can't say that it would be my first pick for a sophomore English class.

9. Taught DS4 how to adjust shutter speed on the camera. He wanted to take some photos like this.
10. Some recent layouts: Hello There, Old Man's Cave page 1 and page two

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1. Just like that...it's July already.

2. Took a small road trip last week. Went to visit family in Amish country.
3. We visited Lehman's. Some of the kids weren't that excited when we said we were going to a hardware store, but they changed their thinking during the visit.

4. We also sampled the local fare. Lots of it. Yum. Yum.
5. Then we went to Hocking Hills. Hopefully, we knocked off a few of the calories we ingested by walking on the trails.
6. We also saw a few oversized items along the way.
7. Generally, when we travel, it can be a bit of a challenge finding lodging for a family of six. This time we stayed in the Berlin Grande Hotel and the Hocking Hills state cabins. Both accommodated six. Hooray. (Bonus...the Berlin Grande served homemade cinnamon rolls. I think we'll be back.)

8. Our dog stayed with friends. I think he liked his vacation too.

9. Here's a recent layout:
10. And one more:

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ten on Thursday

1. Summer is here. Hooray! I think moms usually fall into two categories about summer. Love it or leave it. I'm definitely in the love it category. I look forward to the more relaxed pace.

2. Of course, it doesn't hurt that my part-time job is at a school. Summer also means time off for me too.

3. Since my last post, DS1 graduated from high school.
Made a layout with some of the photos of our family outside after the ceremony.

4. We also celebrated Father's Day and my birthday. And when I say celebrated, we mostly just lazed around.

5. The three of us (Dh, DS1 and myself) did go out to eat to celebrate the above milestones. Unfortunately, the Mexican restaurant we selected was not quite up to par.

6. Two of the guys are switching bedrooms. In theory, this will mean some clearing out of some clutter along the way. Right now, it's just prominently displayed in piles on their floors. (At least they have some rudimentary walkways right now.)

7. Doing some college/future planning with the guys. DS1 just has a few details to finish up before he starts college in the fall. He's already signed up for his classes.

8. DS2 will be a high school senior in the fall. He took the ACT this past weekend.

9. Included in the chore list this summer for the guys is cooking once a week. This may be one of my smartest parenting plans ever.

10. A couple more layouts: Smile and Band Concert

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Ten on Wednesday

1. Well, lookie there. It's June already. Yesterday, I had my hair cut. About a foot chopped off, I think. Didn't take any before/after pictures. Just wanted to get it done. I like it. Then, I decided to color it. Hmmm....that didn't go so well. I wanted to go a little red which isn't too unusual for me. But I usually go for a dark brunette type red, this is lighter. (Initially, I thought I'd turned myself into Ronald McDonald. Thankfully, it's not quite that bad. At least that's what I'm telling myself.)

2. Picked my 13 y/o up later in the day. I got out of the van and opened the back so that he could put his baritone in there. He saw the van from across the parking lot but said he wasn't sure it was me at first because of the "red hair".

3. The guys still have a little bit of school left. Well, three of them do. The senior finished on Friday. Now, he has to finish his placement testing this week. College orientation on Saturday and graduation on Sunday.

4. Made this layout from the senior assembly on Friday. They also had a senior breakfast. I helped serve the breakfast and was on tater tot duty. Tater tots seemed a bit unusual to me for breakfast but they were actually quite a popular choice among the seniors.
5. Also made this layout from the Memorial Day parade. DS3 marched in the parade. (He's quite happy that this was his last cymbal performance. He's on to something different next year.)
6. Didn't think I was going to get any parade photos this year. I thought my camera died the day before Memorial Day. First, it wouldn't focus. Tried turning it off and on again but it wouldn't turn off. Then, I took the battery out, replaced it and it wouldn't turn back on. Long story short. I tried a gazillion things. Nothing worked. Dh took over and resurrected it. Hooray! (And I picked out my replacement camera, just in case.)
Yeah. I did a layout about that too. Couldn't resist have a little fun with it.

7. Dh was placing an order from Amazon this week and needed a few dollars to meet the free shipping requirement. I told him the camera that I picked out was on my wishlist. After all, I knew it would more than meet the amount he needed. For some reason, he declined my offer.

8. Oh, and after looking for cameras on Amazon and searching on Google; I'm being stalked. Camera and lens ads seem to follow me everywhere.

9. Public service announcement for people who are related to me: My birthday's coming up. You're welcome for the reminder.

10. This time next week, I'll be mom to a high school graduate. Kind of crazy.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1. It's been two weeks since my last blog post. Since then, this guy turned 13. He's my youngest so that meant that there are now four official teenagers in the house. (Unofficially, he's been like a teenager for quite some time.)
2. This is the layout I made for his birthday. There was a storm and then a rainbow that evening, so that was a pretty cool birthday surprise.

3. Mother's Day also came and went. This one was....unique. I actually threw my back out again. It was my middle/upper back. So when I laid down, I couldn't breathe. Joyful couple days. Anyway, the boys took over the jobs I'd wanted to finish over the weekend. DS2 and DS4 handled the grocery shopping. DS2 typed my list because he couldn't read my handwriting. (That's okay. I have trouble reading his as well.)

4. That evening, DS4 stated "I can see why you're never bored." Aha. Never hurts to get a little recognition.

5. I ended up going to the chiropractor for the first time. Dh has gone for years but I never had. He fixed me right up. Can't say it's right for everyone, but it worked for me.

6. Dh won a work performance award. It came with a cash bonus and he decided to buy me a new recliner. We went shopping together this past weekend to pick it out. Yep, we are in the "picking out a recliner" stage of life. I joked about getting a lift chair. Never hurts to be prepared.

7. In the past two weeks, the high school kids have had a few end-of-the year things. Theatre banquet, spring band concert and academic banquet.

8. DS1 also received his cap and gown for graduation. Hard to believe he only has a few weeks until graduation.

9. Those 8 items above? I actually listed them on Tuesday. Then somehow I got distracted and now it's Wednesday. Maybe I should be looking for memory aides while I'm shopping for lift chairs.

10. One more layout to share:

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Ten on Wednesday

1. This week isn't too bad, schedule wise. Well, except for yesterday. Yesterday I picked up DS3 after school and didn't get back home until 8:30 pm. (Except for the 5 minutes that I dropped off DS4 and three pizzas.)

2. Here's how it worked. First was the final ortho appt. for DS3. The braces have been off for a while. His six month follow up should have been in February. But we were still in Snowpalooza in February. Then came the musical and well, his February appt. became a May appt.

3. Then I went to DS4's solo and ensemble contest for band. Dh drove him there. We meet and swapped kids. DS4 received a 1 on his solo, btw. (Which is the highest you can get. Hooray!) We left before the ensemble received their rating but the four of them sounded really good together. (Disclaimer: yes, I'm a totally biased, tone deaf, maternal type.)

4. Picked up and dropped off the aforementioned pizza and child. Then went to a theatre booster meeting at the high school.

5. Oh, and dh not only dropped off DS4. He also took DS1 to a robotics meeting. So, yeah, lots of stuff packed in one day.

6. Actually, one more thing. Two of them had a before school meeting, so yet another Tuesday addition.

7. It's always good when they get to where they need to go at relatively the right time.

8. A certain someone is turning 13 this week. He still hasn't told me what he wants cake wise. This surprises me. I bet I can ask 50 people what kind of cake they would like for their birthday and 49 of them would have an immediate answer. My child happens to be the minority. (But hey, if he doesn't tell me soon; I might have to go pick one out. If so, I might just have to pick my favorite. Indecision has its benefits.)

9. Speaking of the above child, his school supplies are on life support. The zipper on his backpack split. It had split a few weeks ago and I sewed the bottom part of the zipper further up. This time I sewed it up even a little more. His binder bit the dust, but luckily one of his brothers had an extra one. We'll just limp along until the finish line. There's always duct tape, if we get really desperate.

10. This week's layouts: Robotics Picnic and Tree

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Ten on Thursday

1. DS3's play, High School Musical, was this past weekend. Four performances. All their work paid off. I'd love to share a photo or two but before the performance, it was announced that there was to be no photography or videography. Usually, it's been no flash photography. Not this time. So I put my camera back in the bag and pouted a bit. (There are photos I can buy or some from backstage that kids have shared. I'm sure I'll figure something out.)

2. During part of the performance, some of the kids came out in the audience and sat in the aisles. DS3 happened to sit right down next to me. He didn't have a clue I was there because he was focused on the stage. Couldn't resist poking his shoulder. (To his credit, he didn't jump. I would have.)

3. Sunday evening was the senior supper. A dinner for the senior students and their parents. One more step toward that slippery slope to graduation. The senior video had some issues. I was not surprised to see that DS1 had stepped in to try and help. It worked and his classmates cheered. (Then it stopped working again about two thirds of the way through and was not to be resurrected. They all get a copy of it anyway, so they'll be able to watch on their own without the CD to jumbo screen issues.)
4. Tuesday was the junior NHS inductions. DS2 was inducted. The seniors introduce the juniors. DS1 didn't introduce DS2 but it was still cool to see them both at the event. I told DS2 that this photo looked like it could be his mug shot (except for the smiling part, I suppose).

5. After DS2 was inducted, I snuck out of the auditorium because... well, because I needed to use the facilities. I was in the hallway next to the bathroom and the lights went out. There was a storm that affected the power. I was debating whether or not to venture into the pitch black bathroom anyway (yes, I was that desperate) when the lights came back on. Phew.

6. DS1 is filling out scholarship essays again. I think this is the last round. Thank goodness. (Let's just say he's not a big fan of writing and I'm not a big fan of making sure he gets the writing done.)

7. DS4 is taking OAAs this week. I know some kids don't like them. He actually does. Well, let's be clear. It's not that he loves tests. It's just that when they have OAAs, the teachers usually assign little to no homework and that part...that's what he likes.

8. There is a local grocery store that is closing its doors in a few days. It's strange walking in there and seeing all the empty shelves.

9. Saturday afternoon, I was away from home. Because of varied schedules, everyone usually just makes their own lunch on Saturdays. Since DS3 had a performance, I asked my dh to make sure he had a good lunch. He took everyone to Chipotle and also stopped at the grocery store I mentioned. Some of them stocked up on discounted candy there. Chipotle and candy. I think the guys like it when dad takes care of lunch.

10. This week's layouts: Easter and Camel Rides