Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1. October. It's been quite a rainy month. Not a lot of rain at a time just consistently rainy.
2. DS3 turned 16 earlier this month.
3. He also had homecoming this month. (I asked his dad to take some shots because he normally tries to avoid the camera. Figured the novelty of dh taking the shot might actually lead to cooperation.)
4. And yet one more of DS3 this month at the fall festival parade this past weekend. (That's two years in a row, I've picked the wrong side of the street. Two more years to try.)
5. I do actually have other children of course, DS3 just seems to have a lot going on this month. Upcoming for both him and DS2 is the fall play this weekend. Coming down to the home stretch and then we all can relax a bit more....what? The next production has tryouts the very next week? I'll pretend I didn't hear that.

6. DS1 has midterms this week. Halfway done with his first semester. Already registered for next semester's classes. Earliest class next semester starts at 10am. Yep, he's adjusting to this college thing.

7. Dh took a photo of the blood moon earlier this month. We didn't have the best viewing but dh, DS2 and I were all able to see it. (The rest of them didn't go out/weren't awake in the short viewing window it was visible.)
8. So I made this eggs benedict casserole from Pinterest last night. As you can see there is no link to the recipe because 4 out of 5 people who ate it didn't like it. I also made hollandaise sauce for the first time. Never actually tasted hollandaise before either but I've heard it's supposed to be delicious. Either we are just not hollandaise people or I really butchered the recipe because it was far from tasty. (I'm completely willing to believe it was me but now I have an itch to track down a restaurant serving hollandaise just to test my theory.)

9. In other food stuff, we still have apples from our orchard trip three weeks ago. I've made two apple crisps but still have loads. And it's been three weeks, so I really need to get on that. (Trouble is I only have the smaller apples left to process and I'm not exactly looking forward to that....which is probably why I've left it until now.)

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1. So on Wednesday, the three youngest had a two hour scheduled late start day. Made things interesting but I knew in advance. Then on Friday, we're running late so I take two of them to school. Of course, I notice the fog but don't think much of it until I get to the school. There are no other cars around because there's another two hour delay due to fog.

2. Not running late then. Actually quite early. (I usually check my e-mail in the morning 98% of the time. If I had, I'd seen the notice but it was a 2% kind of day.)

3. Went to the apple orchard on Saturday. All six of us actually went. Except for church on Sunday mornings, we don't have much of the all six of us kind of days anymore. Gorgeous weather too. Only downside was that half the county also seemed to think it was a great day to go the orchard.

4. DS3 went only with the stipulation that I wouldn't post any photos of him online. DS2, however didn't have any such stipulations. Since 90% of his photos were of him making faces at the camera, the next step seems kind of obvious.
5. Sunday, DS1 turned 19. Carrot cake and take out. Simple celebration. (I may wax sentimental about how quickly they grow up but birthdays at Chuck E. Cheese? That I do not miss.)
6. I'm also glad he's going to college nearby. Otherwise, I'd really have missed being able to spend his birthday with him.

7. Then there's Monday. There's a reason why Monday has a reputation. Missed bus. Swapped sandwiches. Nothing major. Just enough small annoyances to say "Yup, it's Monday."

8. Oh, and the potato thing. Dh came home and noticed an off smell. The culprit was a bad potato. My dh is a bit like Bill Murray in Caddyshack when he has something in his sights. I wasn't there but I do know lemon juice, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and Febreze were all used in the clean up. And then he used bleach to clean the table this morning. Woke up to the kitchen smelling like a swimming pool.

9. Wasn't at home during the potato episode because DS2 and I were trying to track down some jeans for him. We were unsuccessful with the clothes but he did manage to find some Rolos and gum.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1. Yeah, I know it's Wednesday. Close enough.

2. Yet one more "not normal" vehicle type week. Dh had training. Van in shop. So a little bit of configuring/drop off/switch around type things when it came to getting people to where they needed to be.

3. Oh, and just to make it a bit more tricky, the school district threw in a late start day.

4. The van in shop bit actually turned out better than we thought. Dh was convinced that it would be a $1000 or up repair with days in the garage. Nope, much less and done in 24 hours. (Funny, how a bill can seem "good" after you're expecting a highly expensive diagnosis.)

5. In the past few days, the leaves have suddenly seemed to throw themselves on the ground.  I haven't really seen any spectacular shows of color though. Just crunchy brown.

6. Hoping for some spectacular color though. It's one of my favorite parts of the season.

7. Other fall stuff? Marching band. DS4 is in 8th grade. The 8th graders participated in a half time show with the high school band recently. (I was up in the stands. So shots are more miss than hit.) It was fun seeing my two youngest out there together.

 8. Need to get in gear with DS2's senior photos. Have the yearbook one in motion and then I'll be taking some outdoor shots.

9. Oddly enough, I don't think he's looking forward to it as much as I am.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1. Posting on a Tuesday, people! Just have to give myself kudos whenever I can. It feels good patting yourself on the back every once in a while. Try it.  You know you want to.

2. Dh has to work a 10 day shift once or twice a year. Obviously covers the weekend and they throw in some evening coverage just to confuse me. This year, it meant that I had to do the school open house myself. (I was a bit suspicious that he'd planned it that way but he assured me it was just a coincidence.)

3. I was able to cover everything without too much problem though. DS2 had to be there with NHS. He had a schedule conflict so he ended up having to ride his bike to the school (in a dress shirt and tie). When the night was over, we loaded the bike into my van. He wondered out loud if it looked like we were stealing the bike. My response: "Yep. Because everyone wears a tie to steal a bike."

4. Speaking of conversations with my offspring. I was talking to DS1 about one of his college classes. He said they were some really old people in his class. "Really, really old. Like in their 40s". (He's not going to be able to live that down for awhile.)

5. Poured like crazy here this past Wednesday. Drove through this. Then about a half mile further the road was blocked, so I had to turn around and drive back through it. (Next day, the water was completely gone.) PS This photo came from a local news website.

6. Middle two auditioned and received parts in the fall play.

7. Went to the football game on Friday. (Well, I went to see the marching band but there was a game taking place as well.)

8. DS2 is starting the whole college application process. Happy. Happy. Joy. Joy. (In case, it's not evident; yes, that's sarcasm.)

9. DS4 missed two days of school last week. Didn't even make it through September this year before the germs found their first victim.

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Ten on Thursday

1. It's been almost a month since I've posted. I know I'm not the most consistent blogger of all time but that's quite a gap.

2. Since then, we've wrapped up summer. One of our traditions is an annual cookout at a friend's house. It takes place during their local fair. A run also takes place. This was the second year Nate ran in it.
3. I really didn't want this summer to end. Most summers, I'm not thrilled about the transition but I recognize that routine can be a positive thing. This year, we're two weeks + in and I'm just now accepting the idea.

4. DS4 was first to go back to school. Lucky him started a day early. DS2 and 3 started the next day and then DS1 started college the next week.

5. DS1 had a glitch in his schedule where two classes were scheduled ten minutes apart. Normally, not such a problem but these two were located completely at the opposite side of campus. Fortunately, he was able to iron it out eventually. (And yes, I was much more stressed out about it than he was.)

6. DS3 needed a family pic for a school assignment. Made me realize that it had been ages since we had taken one. So we took some shots in the backyard. If I had to do it again, I'd have made some changes but just wrangling them all outside is a win in itself. (BTW, one of us opted to change his shirt midway through shooting. Won't mention any names but he's the only one older than me.)
7. DH and I had our 21st anniversary. (Falls smack dab in the middle of the back to school madness every single year.)

8. I've subbed once this school year. I've also started watching a friend's son a few days a month. Quite a diversity going from early childhood to elementary to the teenagers at home. (Also, interesting what I remember about those stages and what I've forgotten.)

9. When getting ready for this school year, DS4 labeled his math binder "Maths". (Yep, we watch a bit of British television here.)

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1. Toxic water. Probably the most newsworthy thing that's happened since my last post. Considering it was in the news and all. We woke up on Saturday (August 2nd) and DS1 let us know what was going on. By then the bottled water in stores was already sold out. We had some on hand though, so it was fine.

2. The water ban lasted until Monday morning. The restaurants were closed during that period. Other businesses were open like usual. For instance, we went putt-putting. Except for the sign over the water fountain, everything was normal.

3. School orientations. Three of those this week for three kids. Schedules are passed out. Pictures taken. Just another reminder summer is winding down.

4. As I'm typing this, one of my kids' alarm is going off. I guess he gets some brownie points for trying to get back on a decent schedule. (Only problem? He pushes that snooze button for hours.)

5. Went to the art museum a few days ago with my oldest two. We hadn't been in ages. One of them remembers being in elementary school. The other thinks he may have gone on a field trip in junior high. What was the draw? Video games, of course.
6. I went to the exhibit with them.Walked around. Got bored. Went to the East Gallery. Came back. They were still looking. Went to the West Gallery. Was just finishing up when they came to find me. So, yeah, I guess they liked it.

7. DS3 went to band camp. It was his second year. Had a great time once again. Got sunburned once again. (Thankfully, not quite as bad as last year.) Maybe by the time he is a senior, he'll have this sunscreen thing figured out. Maybe.

8. My plan of having the boys cook this summer has been working rather well. (Except of course during the water ban...that just threw everything for a bit of a loop.) They've learned how to make some of their favorite meals and have found a few new items too.

9. For instance, DS1 prefers to make vegetarian food. So I found this recipe for an Asparagus Tart. Definitely a keeper. (Except of course, for the one guy in our house who doesn't like asparagus.) 

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1. Been spending lots of time on the road lately. Not a road trip to a fun place. Nope. Pretty much white knuckling it beside the teen drivers while they get their driving time in.

2. I used to think potty training was my least favorite aspect of parenting. I've now changed my mind. Can't wait until they're done and then I never have to drive with them again. (That makes them sound like they're bad drivers. They're not. I just prefer to be the one behind the wheel.)

3. BTW, the cemetery is a great place to take beginning drivers. What did you do this summer? Hung out in the cemetery. (I'm guessing that would be a conversation killer.)

4.DS2's phone died. Bricked is the word he used. He knows the phone he wants to replace it, and he's trying to raise the money he needs to buy it.

5. Dh and he are putting some things on Ebay. Dh has quite a few items that he's been meaning to list but hadn't got around to it. They're working together and splitting the profits. So far, DS2 is up $3.25. (Hopefully, things get more profitable as they go along.)

6. He also offered to let his brothers pay him to do their chores. They took him up on it.

7. Went for a bike ride and realized how long it had been since I'd been on a bike. So I put in a few more excursions. I've gone from extremely ridiculously out of shape to just really extremely out of shape.

8. DS3 has to read "Like Water for Chocolate" for school over the summer. I was out of library reading, so I borrowed it. (It's only July...so it's not like he's actually started it yet.) Can't say that it would be my first pick for a sophomore English class.

9. Taught DS4 how to adjust shutter speed on the camera. He wanted to take some photos like this.
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